Saturday, 27 August 2011

Thicken Up

I know it's well documented that polishes will thicken as they get old and used but I definitely notice it most with Barry M polishes. When you first buy them, they are fairly runny and nearly all of them need at least two coats for full coverage but after just a few months, they are thick enough to use for stamping. 

Great for those of us who are always on the lookout for stamping polishes, but perhaps not ideal for people that want their polishes to last until they need to scrape the stuff from the walls of the bottle!

The weather here was kind of crappy today and I could really tell that winter is setting in. Unfortunately that means more pictures with this crummy lighting will be coming very soon as the days get shorter and generally more morose. I got some advice from Cristina about her lighting and I think I need to get some white fluorescent lighting from somewhere so I too can have pretty, colour correct pictures!

Plate: Bundle Monster BM208 and BM209
Base Colour: Cult Nails - My Kind of Cool Aid
Stamp Colour: Barry M - Bright Purple
Top Coat of NYC



  1. I love that look! You do great Konad! :)

  2. In love with that mani.. perfect colors and accent nail!! Please do mine =)

  3. This is beautiful. I'm getting 'My Kind of Cool Aid' soon & this just got me more excited for it to arrive! Awesome workmanship!

  4. I feel your pain about lighting I try to do my nails during the day but its been so dull lately my pictures never do the polish colours justice *sighs*

    I hate the formula of Barry M polishes they are the thinest polishes I have ever used and have given up on most of them but I will deffo try your tip of leaving them for a few months then trying them as stamping polishes :)

    Lovely manicure as always :) xo

  5. ooh love the mani. mm yeah thick polish is no fun. and i raqn out of nail thinner. i need more.

  6. I love when polish thickens up for stamping! And I'm not happy with the lighting that the weather gives now either =(
    Your mani is great, nice combination of those images :)

  7. Nice mani!! I have been looking for a similar luck yet :(

  8. I love this-I need to try the different color accent nail! Today i'm doing it!!

  9. I'm loving what you have done here! Looks great!

  10. I like the reverse color accent nail. I hadn't thought about lighting being an issue, since I've only been blogging since spring. I'll have to consider what I'm going to do this winter as well.

  11. Pretty! I take 90% of my pictures in open shade anyway, so I'm not too troubled by cloudy weather... White florescent lights are nice, though!


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