Thursday, 11 August 2011

Payday. Payday. Gotta get down on Payday.

Tomorrow will be my first payday for almost two years so I'm super excited! While I was in Uni I was lucky enough that I didn't need a job (just to be clear, I wasn't sucking on a silver spoon the whole time, I was just very scrupulous when it came to spending the money that I did have!).

My eBay watch list has tripled in size this evening and I have a post-it stuck to the wall in front of me with a list of stuff I want to buy! The first thing on that list is the Babyliss Big Hair styler which I have been drooling over for months. If anyone's tried it I'd be very interested to hear what you think of it.

Konad Plate: Bundle Monster BM212
Base Colour: NYC - Prince Street
Konad Colour: Collection 2000 - Moonlight Shine
GOSH - Metallic Purple for the dots
Top Coat of NYC



  1. I love this pattern and your stamping is always flawless. Ive tried this pattern before but it always ends up stretched and distorted.

  2. How pretty! And yay for your first payday in two years! :D

  3. This is so beautiful! ♥ Happy spending money! :))

  4. As much as I enjoy the freehand nailart you do, your stamping is why I tune in to your blog ;) I love everything you create!

    Yay for paydays and happy shopping (we all deserve a reward every now and then) ;)

  5. I really like the colour combination and stamp design you chose. Looks pretty on you! :)
    - Mary

  6. I love this! This is one of my favorite stamps and you always have the best color combos!

  7. Yay for paychecks!! I'm always excited for Friday paydays! I basically live paycheck to paycheck.

    Love the mani as always!

  8. I love how Moonlight Shine looks when stamped, I really need to buy it!!

  9. This is amazing! I love the colors-I have this stamp and need to try this!


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