No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Post

This amazing snakeskin look is Kari‘s brainchild. When she posted it a few months back it quickly spread all over the blogsphere and I fully intended to do it myself but never got round to it.

I was looking through my stamping plates, trying to decide on a design for today’s manicure and I decided that I wanted to use a plate I hadn’t used before. I still have a few of the 25pc Bundle Monster plates that still have the blue plastic covering on so it had to be one of those. I spotted this plate in the pile with it’s shiny blue protective layer still attached and Kari’s snakeskin idea came flooding back to me!

Plate: Bundle Monster BM215
Base Colour: Barry M – Berry Ice Cream
Stamp Colour: BYS – Glittering Purple and La Femme – Grey Cream
Top Coat of NYC