Friday, 12 August 2011

My Nails Are My Canvas

I've started using acrylic paint in my freehand nail art recently. It has it's advantages and disadvantages over nail polish so I just thought I'd share my thoughts for any of you that are curious about acrylic paint and using it on your nails.

Why it's better than nail polish
♥ It's more pigmented. There's no need to go over and over the same spot if 
♥ It doesn't dry out as quickly as polish. I blob out my colours on to a sheet of clear plastic, my 'palette' if you will, and when I use polish I'm constantly having to put out out new blobs of polish as it dries up. One blob of acrylic paint will last the whole manicure without drying up. 

Why it's worse than nail polish
♥ It's hard to work with at first because it's a different consistency to nail polish, so it just feels a bit alien. The best way to describe the difference is that it's less forgiving than polish. You have to be much more careful with the brush. After a few goes, you get used to this though.
♥ It takes a bit more work to remove, but will come off with your regular polish remover.

I really like using acrylic paint and I'll continue to use it since I think the pros far outweigh the cons. If you're on the fence about trying it yourself, I say go for it, but find it cheap somewhere. I paid 99p per bottle in Ryman stationers.

Models Own Purple Grey
White Acrylic PaintFreehan
The line design is by Wah Nails and it's called 'Basket Case'
The accent finger is my attempt at the pop art work, Crying Girl, by Roy Lichtenstein. It's not my best work but from a distance it looks alright, so I left it on!



  1. This is really cute!! And thanks for the comparison! <3

  2. Cool as usual! I'm totally jealous of your freehanding skills.

  3. Helpful review. Just started using acrylic paint myself :)

  4. I think you did a great job I need to get some brushes and paints and try it out thanks for your tips!

  5. The pop art is bloody genius!
    I applaud your ingenuity. There's no way you could have got that depth with a nail polish. Perfect for the genre too...

  6. Someone left a comment to me about using acrylic paint for nail art. Maybe its the new thing? I love your designs!

  7. I haven't worked with acrylic paint before but have tons of it laying about the house. Your post is very helpful :) thanks for taking the time to share it :)

  8. Love the 'Crying Girl' accent nail!! You're very talented :)

  9. girl u have skills with the acrylics!
    Rubbing alcohol will remove acrylic paint and not your polish, for while you're working! also when I'm taking off a mani with acrylic paint I usually use both polish remover & alcohol for a quicker removal. :)


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