♪♫ Move with me or get out of my face

Wowsa, I’m tired tonight! You may be able to tell from the mass of incoherent sentences that I’m surely about to write. I’ve had a headache all day which is probably a sign that I should have gone to bed at a reasonable hour but I was determined to blog tonight.
I’ve been banging on about these lipsticks that I bought all day! I found some Rimmel lipsticks for £1 and ended up taking home 3 colours, I am in LOVE with the Coral shade and can’t believe I never tried coral sooner. It could look shockingly bad on me (orange hair and orange lips, whaaaaat?!) but I absolutely love it. I did a quick blog post about them here if you want to see the colour I mean.

Plate: Bundle Monster BM208
Base Colour: Rimmel – Sunset Bronze
Stamp Colour: Sally Hansen Chrome – Amber
I used a little brush to fill in parts of the design
Top Coat of NYC