Monday, 29 August 2011

Daisy Daisy...

I always feel so guilty when I go more than one or two days without posting. It's blogging withdrawal! I can't concentrate because all I'm thinking about is when I'll have time for all the photographing and editing and writing.
Do any of you other bloggers get this way? I'm not complaining though, I love being dedicated to my blog. It's the only serious commitment I have in my life at the moment!

I've had an awesome bank holiday weekend so far. I've been on an open top bus tour, partied with my old school friends and had some alone time strolling around the shops where I found some incredible bargains. Today I'm off to my aunt's house for her birthday lunch and then heading in to the city for my friends birthday meal. I wish my life was always this exciting!

My favourite bargain from my Sunday shopping trip was some white Wet N Wild polish which has kind of solved my stamping dilemma for the time being. Wet N Wild products aren't really sold anywhere here, the only place I've ever found them is in bargain or end-of-line stores so my jaw literally hit the floor when I spotted a few dozen of these on the shelf. I still have a lemming for that Sally Hansen Whirlwind White though! Thank you for all the help you guys gave me with that, you know who you are ;)

Konad Plate: Bundle Monster BM205
Base Colour: No7 - Stand Back
Konad Colour: Wet N Wild - French Manicure White
Top Coat of NYC



  1. Hey looks lovely!! I stamped this design myself last week. Love the delicate flowers

  2. I love this stamp-have used it before as well! Love this mani!

  3. I love this color!!
    So cute!!
    Great design on it!!

  4. Very cute. Blue and white is my favorite color combination :)

  5. The flowers look very cute! Great color choices!

  6. love this! i need to do this stamp~

  7. Pretty flowers. Loving the color combo.

  8. I love your blog, it gives me a lot of inspiration, and I'd like to try some of your designs myself. I'd like it if you'd agreed to letting me use your link in my blog whenever I try some of your designs.

  9. Very pretty. Love this colour polish and I've used this stamp before as well. I am very behind in posting on my blog - we just got back from a long summer holiday!

  10. I was admiring this the other day in Boots, and as much as I love Barry M Cyan I probably (probably!) don't need it as well!


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