Born Pretty Plate M73 and White Stamping Polish Review

As you may have noticed, or read here before, I never use Special polishes for stamping. This is partly because of the price tag but mostly because I have been lucky enough to find plenty of regular polishes that work well for stamping. You can see my list here, although it needs a bit of updating!
The white I use for stamping from Stargazer isn’t 100% opaque so I wanted to try a special polish to get the extra oomph!
From the Born Pretty Store, I ended up ordering a white stamping polish [here] and the duplicate M73 plate [here]. 
I’ve written a quick post in the past with my thoughts on the BP plates [here] and everything I said still stands.
The image of the musical notes is not very well ‘carved out’ at all, there is next to no definition so I don’t think I will be using it. But this is clear in the picture on the product page so at least you know with BP that what you see is what you get and they aren’t using pictures that misrepresent their products.
I went ahead and decided to use the white polish with the swirly flower design which is the one I was most excited about and I cannot express how disappointed I was when my mani turned out like this!
My stamper hardly picked up any of the design and I’m inclined to blame it on the plate since my stamper has worked perfectly forever and the polish worked (albeit not that well, but we’ll get on to that later) on the geometric design.
I don’t think this white qualifies as a stamping polish. It’s actually less opaque than the Stargazer White I use currently which you can see stamped here.

Konad Plate: Born Pretty M73
Base Colour: Collection 2000 – Hot Purple
Konad Colour: Born Pretty White Stamping Polish
Top Coat of NYC

So to sum up, I am disappointed with these two prodcuts from Born Pretty. If I was desperate for a white stamping polish this would probably suffice but I don’t think I’ll be using it. I’m going to leave it on my windowsill with the lid off for a few days to see if it works any better then. Also, the bottle is very small. I can’t find exact details anywhere on the site or on the bottle but I would guess it’s about 5ml.
If you are looking for a white polish for stamping, take a look at Marta’s post here. She uses Sally Hansen Whirlwind white and it looks incredible, completely opaque! If anyone knows where to get this and would be willing to send it to me, please get in touch because I need it in my life!

As you can see, I only tried two of the designs from the plate. The scattered square design works great but the flower one isn’t usable. It’s no devastation because I only paid a few dollars for it but still, you expect your designs to come out no matter how much you pay. If the designs don’t work, is it even an image plate or just a slice of metal?