Week of Geek Day 5: Doctor Who Nails

I don’t know how familiar American readers will be with Doctor Who but here in the UK pretty much everyone is aware of it. It’s been running on the BBC since 1963 which makes it the longest running Sci-Fi series in the world and you could definitely tag it with ‘cult favourite’. Since 2005 they’ve been filming it in the city where I go to Uni and live for most of the year but so far I haven’t spotted them filming anywhere. 
However, they filmed a bit for BBC’s Sherlock in the University when I was driving past with friends one night and stopped to get a closer look. A security guy came up to the car and we asked what was going on, when he said they were filming, I blurted out ‘IS IT DOCTOR WHO?’. It wasn’t! 
AND I walked right through the set of Killer Elite last summer. If I knew Jason Statham and Robert De Niro were in the area I would have stuck around a while.
10 nerd points go to the first person to tell me what TARDIS stands for. No cheating please!
Pinky to thumb: ‘Nebula nail‘, the TARDIS, Dalek, ‘Nebula nail’, Doctor Who logo.

I used: 
George – Bloom as a base for all the nails. Collection 2000 – Moonlight Shine for all the outlines. BYS – Glittering Purple, Gosh – Holographic and Models Own – Juicy Jules for the Nebula Nails.