Week of Geek Day 1: Marvel Nail Art

Hello everyone and welcome to the Week of Geek!
I do not profess myself to be a real geek but I have some geeky tendencies. I’m always making a fool out of myself by making obscure sci-fi references in a room full of people that have never even seen Star Wars and I can easily spend a whole evening reading Marvelpedia. So I decided to dedicate a week of Nail Art to geeky stuff.
I’ll start the week with some Marvel inspired nail art. I’ve tried to stay true to the comics as much as possible by using some of the iconic imagery related to each character. From pinky to thumb, the heroes are; Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man and Captain America. 
Iron Man is definitely my favourite nail. It took freakin ages but I still wish I’d done a while hand of just his face!
It’s all freehanded except for the star in Captain America’s shield which I stamped from Bundle Monster plate BM05 and then painted over.

Here is every single polish I used:
Spiderman: George – Bloom and Scarlet Kiss. Stargazer – White under the red.
Hulk: Collection 2000 Hot Looks – Martian and BYS – Fern mixed for the base. Rimmel – Blue My Mind for the shorts.  La Femme – Grey Cream for the muscles.
Wolverine: George – Natural White as a base. Go – Shade 04. Barry M Cyan Blue. W7 – Black. Collection 2000 – Moonlight Shine.
Iron Man: George – Natural White as a base. Go – Shade 04. George – Scarlet Kiss. W7 Black. Collection 2000 – Moonlight Shine. La Femme – Grey Cream.
Captain America: Barry M – Cyan Blue and George – Bloom mixed together for the base. Stargazer – White for the star and ring. George – Scarlet Kiss for the rings.