Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bit of This. Bit of That.

This is one of those mani's that I was constantly looking at and thinking 'I could add this'. There's a very real danger there of it turning into a tacky abomination of a manicure but I think I managed to reel myself in enough to leave it at a slightly over the top mumble jumble of things!

It was originally just a nude nail and I wasn't going to apply any kind of nail art but I wanted to try out my Barry M Cyan Blue for stamping because I've had it for quite a while and it's gone too thick to really paint my nails with anymore. It actually worked really well! It would not have been this opaque when I first bought it but over time as it's thickened, it has turned in to a stamping polish!

The glitter is one that I found in a £1 bucket. It's not really packed with glitter so it's really just for layering. It reminds me of China Glaze Medallion. It's got gold glitter and holographic hexagonal pieces.

Plate: Bundle Monster - BM223
Base Colour: E.L.F. - Innocent
Stamp Colour and Tips: Barry M - Cyan Blue
W7 - Black
BYS - Gold Finger
Top Coat of NYC



  1. I know what u mean I always do that and then I go too far and it's too late lol but looks like u stopped just in time this came out really cute! I really like cyan it's a beautiful color.

  2. OMG I love this. I love the light base color with that blue. It looks so sophisticated !!!! Love the detailed tip too!

  3. Great combination I really ;like it :)

  4. such a cute mani... love the color combination

  5. I like it! BUT it is a good thing you stopped when you did :)

  6. This is cute. Glitter and animal prints are always a good combo!

  7. This makes me think of an animal like a tiger fish or something. Nice!

  8. ooo what a pretty mani:P I <3 it


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