Sunday, 26 June 2011

I'm a Peacock, You Gotta 'Let Me Fly'

Any Mark Whalberg fans in here? Every time I hear the name of this polish, the scene from 'The Other Guys' comes straight to mind and I have to stifle a little giggle!

Konad Plate: Born Pretty M79
Base Colour: Cult Nails - Let Me Fly
Konad Colour: W7 Black
Top Coat of NYC



  1. I've never seen that movie, but that line kinda makes me want to go watch it lol Lovely stamping!

  2. I knew this colour would look great on you! It BELONGS in your collection ;) as per Marky Mark... My friend and I have an inside joke that when looking at his Calvin Klein model-day-abbs we get the instant urge to do laundry (washboard abbs, get it? Maybe it is more an inside thing)... Thanks for pleasant thout anyway ;)

  3. I used to think Mark Wahlburg was so hott. I loved him and Reece Witherspoon in 'Fear'

    cute mani :)

  4. Oh god, I love the polish, the movie and surely the quote !

  5. My Mister is a huge Mark Wahlberg fan!
    Me, not so much but I didn't mind that movie.

    Love this colour though, I'm currently wearing it on my nails too!

  6. I love this colour, I SUCKKK at this stamp design. I can never get it straight...but It looks great on you!

  7. very pretty colour. I have no idea where to find these in Canada.

  8. Love this colour! & <3 Mark Wahlburg XD

  9. Simple but super cute mani. I find this pattern hard to apply - some of the dots always end up stretched out into ovals - but you did a great job with it! :-)

  10. Love the color and I'm in love with the polka dots!!! So cute :)


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