Saturday, 21 May 2011

Revision Nails

Civil Twilight - Letters From The Sky

I have a short attention span. I always have and probably always will. It doesn't affect me all the time, just when I have to do something really boring! I can get totally engrossed in something I enjoy and waste away hours on end without even realising but as soon as I have to concentrate on something I'm not interested in for more than twenty minutes, everything else becomes infinitely exciting. Even cleaning starts to look like a more appealing option that what I'm doing.
It's not a good trait to have when it comes to studying.
I have a lot of exams coming up and I kept giving up on my revision to paint my nails so I decided I needed a mani that I wouldn't want to take off.

I know glitter is a massive pain to remove so I decided to apply a very thick, glitter manicure that I wouldn't be tempted to remove any time soon due to all the effort that would entail.
I decided on Models Own Juicy Jules because I absolutely love this holographic glitter polish but I've never worn it on its own before.

There are loads of pictures because I just couldn't narrow it down. This polish is so pretty.

Gosh Holographic
Models Own Juicy Jules
NYC Top Coat

I applied 2 coats of Gosh Holographic first because I didn't trust the glitter to cover the whole nail without leaving little gaps.
I probably used 4 or 5 coats of the Juicy Jules to make it super removal proof and then a few coats of NYC Top Coat to smooth things over.

In Sunlight

And slightly blurry so you can see the rainbow.

In Artificial Light

The colours sparkle more under artificial light. I spent a lot of time admiring the glitter when I was in my exam because there were fluorescent lights which made it super gorgeous and distracting!
And blurry for the holo-ness...



  1. Amazing! I think JJ is going to be the closest I get to a holo polish for now :(

    Good luck for your exams, with nails that awesome you can't fail!


  2. Very very pretty. I too am a procrastinator and when I was in school put off studying at all cost! When you said you're going glittery holo so you're not tempted to repaint I thought "If that were me I'd just spend my day staring at the holoness" :) hope your exam went well :)

  3. love the holo glitters. And good luck for your exams!!!

  4. You will NEVER remove this. It'll have to be done surgically.

    20 minutes here and there is probably better than just keeping your head down for revision. If it suits you then it's right for you.

  5. so pretty!!! its like double holo!!

  6. wow! that's a good idea: make something that is difficult to remove!! you're great!

  7. great! just like a Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper 03 Hello Holo!

  8. I love glitter and holo! it looks very similar to Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper 03 Hello Holo. Gorgeous :)


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