Quick Born Pretty Plates Review

When I saw that Born Pretty Store were selling Konad replicas for $1.55 each I knew I had to buy a few. I’ve been lusting after M78 and M79 for so long but my budget never seems to stretch to Konad plates these days. So I bought 4 new plates from Born Pretty for about the same price as one genuine Konad plate and I didn’t pay any shipping which is what always puts me off buying Konads.
I got M76, M78, M79 and M57. I already have Konad M57 but I thought I would buy Born Pretty’s version too so that I could compare them and I’m glad I did.
I scanned in all the plates I bought along with M57 so all the images are relative sizes for side-by-side comparison.
I was disappointed with BP’s M57, the designs are so small! It would be a push to get them to cover my ring finger. Compared to Konad’s 15.5x12mm, the all over designs on the Born Pretty plate are only 12.5x10mm (no infographic this time, sorry!)
But. I can’t complain because the image on the product page clearly shows that the designs are quite small. I was so excited when I was buying the plates that I didn’t spend much time checking the pictures!
I’m really pleased with the other three plates. The patterns on M78 and M79 are the same size as the Konads which definitely redeemed the plates in my eyes as these were the ones I was most looking forward to.
The designs are really well cut and good sizes so I think I’m going to be getting a lot of use out of them.

L-R: Konad M57, BP M57, BP M76, BP M78, BP M79.

You can buy these plates here. They’re back to the regular price of $2.99 each now but that’s still a steal compared to Konads and the shipping’s completely free. Just steer clear of M57 unless you have tiny nails!
These products were purchased by me.