Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Today has been a very busy and exciting day. I got my car back on the road today after 6 months of relying on my feet, public transport and parents to get around! I don't mind walking everywhere, in fact I've grown to quite enjoy it and still plan to walk as much as I can, but it's really nice to know that I can just hop in the car whenever I feel like it and go wherever I want. I really missed that freedom when I was pedestrianised! 

I set out with plate BM214 planning to use the Stag design as Emily requested on a recent post. However, the Stags came out looking like vertically challenged cows! I couldn't get the horns or legs to stick to my stamper. This could just be my stamper because it has been a bit uncooperative of late but it could also be that the design is just too fiddly. I'd love to know if anyone's tried this design yet and found the same as me, or whether it's just something I'm doing that's making it go wrong.

So I moved on to another pattern from the plate - this celtic, swirly design. I kind of struggled to think of original ways to use it at first but I like the ornate way it turned out.

Plate: Bundle Monster BM214
Base Colour: W7 Black Cherry
Konad Colour: Miss Sporty Zodiac
Top Coat of NYC



  1. I was wondering how I'd use that image. I really like the effect it has there.

  2. Oh, I love this! Very pretty! :)

  3. Sweetie, I had no problems with the stag or elk as I refer to it...do you have problems with BM205 the daisy one-the end where the smaller daisies are does not come out clearly for me no matter the type of polish or various forms of pressure applied/tried-Think I might try contacting BM and see what they have to say- would really like to know if you are having problems with it also-after attempting this design and it not working properly I stamped every single image on every single plate and not one issue with any of the plates ; ) except for 205/daisies...I really want that one! Kimmer K

  4. Wow! This has a very oriental feel. My favorite new-plate mani of yours to date! I got mine in today. Can't wait to try it out!

  5. I love this design, I've never seen one like it!
    Very elegant :-)

  6. I like this! It's sexy and mysterious... ;-)

  7. Nice and lovely design,I like! :)

  8. Hi there!
    I think BM does replace the plates that are faulty. Just send them an e-mail with some pictures of the faulty images and I think they replace the plate. I saw some comments about it in another blog, can't just remember which one...Anyway it's worth to ask if they do change it.
    Nice manicure by the way!

  9. Love the way you haven't just 'flooded' the nail with the stamping.

  10. I think this design is quite regal looking! Really gorgeous!

  11. Gorgeous stamping! I love the way you alternate the placement, it makes your manicures superior to the usual stamping you see.


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