Kreativ Blogger Award

Huge thanks to Sarah from Spellbinding Nails, Kelly from Konad and Polish and Cris from Let Them Have Polish! for tagging me for this award, I know it’s late!
Write 10 facts about yourself
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1. My favourite colour is blue (in case you hadn’t noticed!)
2. I’m currently finishing up my second year of university. I’m studying for a degree in Accounting and Finance but I don’t think I want to go in to that profession anymore.
3. My favourite quote/saying is ‘This too shall pass’ (info)
4. Before I do anything in the morning, I have to make my bed. I can’t stand unmade beds!
5. I am always listening to music. I mean always. It’s either on in the background or I’ll have my headphones in, even when I’m in public. 
6. I can pretty much fall asleep and wake-up on demand at any time of day and in most situations! But I can never get to sleep on planes no matter how hard I try.
7. I love big dogs. German Shepherds are my favourite and I’ve been dreaming of getting one for years. I’ll get one when I have enough time to raise her up.
8. My favourite food is sandwiches of any sort. My favourite filling is chicken and bacon mayo with lettuce.
9. I have two younger brothers. They are 12 and 18.
10. I prefer night time to day time.

I’m just going to tag 3 lovely ladies whose blogs I have discovered recently. You should all go and visit their amazing blogs, you won’t be disappointed.

Marta from Chit Chat Nails
Madeline from Girl Germs
Christine from Miss Dalum’s Makeup and Such

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