I Might Miss My Day At The Races

Things are pretty hectic with my exams at the moment but I’ll be squeezing in a post when I have time! My last one is on Monday and it can’t come fast enough.
I’ve seen loads of swatches of the new Cult Nails collection – A Day At The Races – and I fell in love with a few of the colours. However, they’re a bit out of my normal ‘price comfort zone’ for polishes but after some coaxing from a few ladies on Twitter and Maria herself (the owner of Cult Nails) informing me that they were running an offer that ends today, I ordered 4 bottles. The shades I chose are Let Me Fly and Cruisin’ Nude from the ‘Races’ collection (swatches here and here), and My Kind of Cool Aid and Iconic from an older collection.
BUT, I saw a blog post from Cult Nails (here) this morning explaining that they’re having some problems with international shipping regulations after one customer’s order was destroyed before she received it because the contents broke some rules. So all international orders are on hold for the time being. It’s kind of annoying that I may not get my order, but better that than Maria risks posting it and something horrid happening to the package.

Plate:  Bundle Monster BM221

Base Colour: BYS Blue Night Star
Stamp Colour: Collection 2000 – Moonlight Shine
Top Coat of NYC

Lol at the missing handle, I think the bottle got trodden on once a long time ago and the lid cracked to pieces.