Sunday, 22 May 2011



Primark Prime of your Life - In The Pink
Rimmel Colour Rush Quad - Bold Behaviour
E.L.F. Cream Eyeliner - Black
Jerome Alexander Mascara

Thanks for the great response to my EOTD's. I honestly didn't think they would solicit much of a response but you seem to like them so I'll keep them coming!
I hope you like the little animation I made. It was a last minute idea so the make-up's already been on for a few hours and is not perfect, but in the future I'll definitely be trying to do GIFs like this for my EOTD posts.

On my last EOTD post, Alice asked what brushes I use so I thought I'd show you. Here they are...

The short and wide one on the left is E.L.F.'s eyeshadow brush which you can buy here. The other two are from the brand, 'Royal' and I picked them up in Poundland. They're both the same but I use one for light shades and one for darker colours. 


  1. The green beneath the lower lid is lovely. And I like the slow wink.

  2. That's amazing! I love the gif you've made :D such a nice idea and it really shows the eyeshadow. What a beautiful look! :D

  3. Ooooh that gif is so cool! And love the look you made.

  4. the gif image is so cute! thanks for the answer about the brushes! :)

  5. At first I thought I was going insane because i didn't realise that was a gif! Your eyeliner is soooo precise!

  6. The first pic almost gave me a heart attack as I thought I was going crazy :P

    I love this EOTD, your eyeliner is perfect :)


  7. haha the gif showed in my blogger reader, like a little blinking icon next to the preview. Scared me a bit xD But I think it's a good way to show the eyeshadow "in action" but more to the point-- like those people who do sparkling shots like 300 minutes of fingers moving back and forth LOL

  8. I've never seen Poundland brushes! Are they good? If so, I'll take a look.

  9. Your eyes are so pretty! I need more practice with liquid eyeliner, I should drink less coffee so my hands shake less...

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought they were going crazy! That looks really pretty:)


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