Calling All British Nail Bloggers

I’m on a mission to find as many nail bloggers from the UK that I can. I really want to find some blogs with content more relevant to me. As much as I love drooling over swatches from the latest OPI, Essie, China Glaze etc. collections, it sucks that I can’t actually get hold of them at anywhere near a reasonable price.

I’d love to see more info about brands that I can run in to Boots or Superdrug and throw in my basket. So if you are a nail blogger blogging about British polish or you know of any of blogs that do, I’d love it if you leave a link for me to visit in the comments.

Rimmel Electric

Plate: Bundle Monster BM208 and BM209
Base Colour: Rimmel Wear Maxx Electric
Stamp Colour: GOSH Metallic Blue
Top Coat of NYC

Got a dink which I didn’t even notice until I was looking through the pictures!