New Bundle Monster Plates Review/Comparison

My set of the new Bundle Monster plates arrived in the post this morning so I immediately cracked them open and started inspecting them! I’ll post my new mani later today but for now I want to share my thoughts on the new plates and show you how they compare to the old Bundle Monsters and Konads.
The first thing I noticed about these plates is how crisp the designs look. On the last set, some of the designs lack definition but Bundle Monster have really upped their game this time around.
Every plate in the set comes covered with a thin sheet of blue plastic. I’m not 100% sure why but I would guess that it’s just to protect the plates from any scratches during the final stages of production and packaging. I think this is great because I like to remove the coverings as I use each plate so I can see which ones I’ve already used and which ones I still have to play with!
Another improvement that they’ve made is to add a plastic covering to the back of the plates, exactly the same as you’ll find on the back of Konad plates. I’ve read about plenty of minor injuries caused by the old BM plates, although I’ve never suffered any myself, which have quite rough edges so I’m sure this new backing is a welcome addition to all BM owners. The new BMs still aren’t as smooth as Konad plates around the edges but unless you run your finger along the edge while applying pressure, they aren’t going to cut you!
I think the new feature that most people were looking forward to was the larger designs that Bundle Monster promised us. The ‘all-over’ patterns on the old Bundle Monsters are too small to even cover my short, fairly narrow nails and lots of people found themselves with the same problem. The designs just weren’t sufficient in size to cover the nail with one stamp which led to double stamping with dodgy joins.
So, with me being a perfectionist and general neat freak, I had to measure up all of the designs and put a little graphic together to show you my results! All measurements are in mm, size descending.
New Bundle Monsters: 16 x 13
Konad Plates: 15.5 x 12
Old Bundle Monsters: 14 x 10
The all over designs on the new BMs are indeed bigger than on the old ones and are even bigger than the Konad designs. They’re only bigger than the Konads in height by half a millimetre which is only a tiny amount but could make all the difference. 

You can buy the NEW plates from here or direct from Bundle Monster here.
You can also buy these plates from Amazon UK.