The Nailasaurus is One Year Old!

It was my blog’s birthday last night and I missed it. I saw that Steph @ Imperfectly Painted is having a blogaversary giveaway so I decided to have a look back and see when my first post was because I knew it must be coming up to a year and it was exactly one year to the day! I feel kinda bad that I missed it. Like I should have had a giveaway, or at the least a post, prepared but oh well. I’m planning a giveaway soon to make up for it.
I got Juicy Jules last weekend and I’m infatuated with it! It is without doubt THE sparkliest polish I own and it’s just stunning in the sun. I plan on wearing it a lot in the summer.

The base colour is Urban Outfitters Matte Black and I used a sponge to apply the Juicy Jules to the tips in a gradient.I used two coats of NYC to finish it off.

And out of focus so you can see all the amazing holographicness of the glitter…