Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lots o' Layers

Todays nails took a lot of time and planning! Last night I applied the base colour, stamp and a top coat. Then I waited until this morning to make sure the base was good and dry, before using some scotch tape to section off part of my nail and paint on a darker blue colour. I think it looks kind of like a persian rug but I did watch 'Prince of Persia' this week so perhaps I just have Persia on the brain!

Plate: Bundle Monster BM222
Base Colour: Barry M Cyan Blue
Stamp Colour: GOSH Metallic Purple
Rimmel Blue My Mind
A stripe of GOSH Metallic Purple applied with a nail brush
Top Coat of NYC



  1. Truly a gorgeous job! Well done!!!!

  2. This is a really pretty mani. I've been wanting to do a stamp-and-solid-corner mani for a while, but I figured it would be too time consuming. (I was right!) It's totally worth the extra effort though.

  3. The stripe was FREEHAND?!!! Respect!

  4. Ooh, pretty. Well worth the time.

  5. Those are so sweet! I so don't have the patience for those, haha.

  6. what a stunning mani hunny!

    I also tagged you for an award on my blog sweetie x i Tagged your blog because i love it =)

  7. This is really pretty(:

    I tagged you for a Kreative Blogger award:

  8. Girl, you know I've always loved your manis. This is no exception! <3

  9. i can't believe how beautiful this looks!


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