Thursday, 14 April 2011

EOTD Purple Coffee

As well as nails, I also really love make-up. Since I joined the blogging world and discovered the huge variety of topics that are covered by bloggers, I've started reading more and more beauty blogs.

I've been posting on another blog which I call 'my beauty blog' (because I couldn't even think up a decent name for it and I hate saying the one it has) but because my heart is really in nail blogging, beauty has become an 'on-the-side' project and I don't feel like it really warrants a whole other blog. So I thought that today I would post an Eye Of The Day (EOTD) and see how you guys react to its presence here on The Nailasaurus. I just figured that these are the kinds of posts I look forward to seeing on other blogs so perhaps there will be readers here that like them too.

If it gets a good reaction, I'll post more make-up looks in the future. It will never take over the purpose of this blog, which is nails and nail art, and the posts will be few and far between without a lot of my chatter like this one! I think I'll put a little poll over in the sidebar where you can vote whether you'd like to see these kinds of posts or whether you'd prefer it if I just stick to the nails!

Primark Prime of your Life - In The Pink
Liner: E.L.F Cream Eyeliner - Black smudged underneath the eyeshadow and on the waterline
Inner Corner: Bourjois Eyeshadow - 90 Blanc
Lid: E.L.F Brightening Eye Colour - Silver Lining
Crease: Sleek - Sunset i-Divine Palette
Lashes: Jerome Alexander Mascara


  1. Wow, that is such a great look on you! I really like these kinda posts :).

  2. I really like these posts, but thats because i am exactly like you - love love love makeup, but my blog is focused on nails. Whenever ive3 snuck in an FOTD the response is literally non-existent so im reluctant to post more :( Id love to see it from you though :) and these eyes are STUNNING subtle and feminine, really good technique xxx

  3. I enjoy seeing EOTD and FOTD posts. I have been wanting it incorporate some myself. Experimenting with photoing myself has been my first step. However, I'll say, you have that part down!!!

  4. Love the look and I for one would love to see more make up on your blog :)

  5. What a pretty color!!

    P.S. Please visit my blog and vote for me to win the second bundle monster set! Thank you!

  6. Beautiful eotd really like it and the pics are so pretty I started my blog as nails too but a blog is yours and it can be about what ever you want it's you and if your about makeup too I say go for it I and everyone else put up whatever they feel like blogging don't be afraid to be you!

  7. Very nice EOTD. i say go for it, post the EOTD and whatever else you want - it's your blog. Personally i like seeing eotd as i view very few beauty blogs cause there are too many great nail blogs to view. (yours included, of course)

  8. wow what a pretty look! And the colors are great :D I really like nailblogs, but I have nothing against seeing an EOTD in them! So go ahead an post some more lovely eye looks (:

  9. I love how you did this! i love makeup posts but I LOOOOVE tutorial :D so if you want, make also tut about EOTD

  10. this looks amazing on you, very pretty sammy

  11. You have such pretty and clear skin! I love this post! MORE! :)

  12. This so very pretty, I love your inner corner highlight <3



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