BK Matte Smoky Grey Black

Jessica from Born Pretty Store got in contact with me recently to tell me about some new polishes that she had in stock. They’re Matte so I immediately jumped at the chance to review them. I have a long standing love affair with matte nails though I don’t actually own many polishes that are matte, I always just use a matte top coat to get ‘the look’. The name on the bottle is BK, which I’ve never heard of before. 
I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality and finish of this polish, especially since it’s such a low price. The brush is narrow and flat which made it really easy to apply the polish neatly. It was opaque in two coats but, as I do with all dark colours, I added another for maximum colour intensity. I love that it’s full of tiny silver flecks which give a great depth to the polish, as opposed to it being a flat old grey.
Manglaze Fuggen Ugly came to mind when I saw this polish on my nails. I don’t own Fuggen Ugly myself but I looked at a few swatches and to my eyes it seems like a really close match.

I added the bluebell design from Konad M54 using GOSH Metallic Purple and finished it off with a top coat of NYC. I definitely prefer this polish matte. The silver speckle is really muted with a glossy top coat.
You can buy this shade from Born Pretty Store here. Shipping is free worldwide! How amazing is that? And all the products are so cheap. I actually just ordered a few of the Konad copies which are only $1.55 each at the moment because I really want to see how they compare to real Konad plates. 
I have to add one thing about Born Pretty which is that the website is kind of a nuisance to navigate and can be hard to understand in some places (example) but I think this is just down to some bad translation. For the prices of the stuff, I’m not really going to complain!