So far I’ve been keeping up with my blogging schedule. For those of you that didn’t catch my post a little while back, I mentioned that instead of putting pressure on myself to post every day as I used to, I’m setting myself a goal of 3 posts per week. I’ve finalized the plan and the schedule is to post on Monday, Wednesday and either Saturday or Sunday. Whenever there is a special occasion, like St. Patrick’s Day for example, I might throw in a quick, freebie nail art post.
Last night was my first attempt at a ‘Scotch Tape Mani’ made famous, I believe, by the fabulous Erika at Chloe’s Nails*. It basically involves placing strips of scotch tape on your nails which act as a stencil to give you crisp lines between multiple coats of colour. Depending how you use the tape, you can get all kinds of great results and it’s so easy to do. Make sure you check out Erika’s blog to see what amazing effects you can achieve.
My first few attempts were a bit disastrous to say the least. I’m very impatient and wanted to get to bed so I kept putting the scotch tape on too quickly and it would rip off the base colour so after a few failures I decided to leave my base coat to dry over night before subjecting it to any tape torture.
I used Jay Jays Thrillseeker as the base colour and applied a top coat of NYC last night. I got to the fun bit in the morning when I applied the tape diagonally across my finger and used BYS Fools Paradise for the second segment. I then applied Barry M Blue Glitter with a striping brush for the dividing line and topped it off with another top coat of NYC.

* If I have this wrong and you know of someone else who was using the technique before Erika, please let me know as I like to give credit where credit’s due.