Preview: New Bundle Monster Plates

You may have noticed that I don’t post many previews. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever posted one but this upcoming release has me really excited.
Bundle Monster have been posting previews of the new plates on their Facebook recently. So far, they’ve been kind enough to show us five of their new designs.
This time around there will be 25 plates with ‘lots of full nail and french tip designs’. The full nail and tip designs will be larger than the ones on the last set which I’m sure will come as good news to everyone.
At the moment, I can’t find any evidence of a release date that’s set in stone. It seems as though the guys over at Bundle Monster are working as hard as they can to finalize all the designs and make the plates available to us as soon as they can, which should be just a few weeks.
Follow Bundle Monster on Facebook and/or Twitter if you want to be the first to know when these plates go on sale.
I can’t wait for the release of these plates and I’ll be getting them as soon as possible. Here’s to hoping they won’t sell out before I get a chance!
EDIT: Since I posted this, they have released more pictures on their Facebook page. There are pictures of the actual plates and you can see the new, bigger pattern size.
The set of 25 plates will cost $21.99.
EDIT: Since I first published this post, I’ve edited it a few times to add new plates as we get them. There are a further 6 plates to the ones in the picture above and here they are all together.
EDIT: 3 more previews added 21/04/11
To buy these plates from @ $21.99, click here
To buy these plates from @ £16.99, click here