My Top 10 Colours

Despite having a very sizeable collection of nail polish in my possession, it seems I’m always reaching for the same ones when I’m refreshing mani and I’m sure a lot of you find the same. So I thought I’d do a quick round up of my favourites. I’ve picked out my ten favourite colours, most of which (kind of predictably) are blues and purples, then listed them from most worn down to slightly less worn.
Barry M 
Cyan Blue
Blue is my favourite colour. If there are colour options for anything, I take the blue every time without a second thought! I can’t put my finger on why I love this shade so much but it’s at the top of my list.
Sometimes I don’t feel like wearing anything too loud on my nails but I need to wear a polish to cover the yellow staining that I have from years of non-stop polish wear. This colour is perfect because it gives great coverage in 2 coats and it doesn’t look like I’m even wearing any polish. I just ordered my second bottle as this one is nearly dried up.
Fools Paradise
This colour is quite similar to Barry M Cyan Blue but there’s more green in it. When I first bought it, it was runny and sheer but since it’s thickened up, it only needs one coat so is great if I’m in a rush. It’s even thick enough for stamping these days.
Prince Street
This is one of the most unique shades in my stash. It’s the perfect purple with a frosty metallic finish and it looks absolutely stunning with a matte top coat.

Barry M
Bright Purple
This purple has a hint of pink which makes it very easy to wear. It’s not as bright as the name would lead you to believe but just bright enough that it stands out from my other purples.
Metallic Fuschia
I hardly ever wear pink shades of polish. It’s just not a very ‘me’ colour, but this one from BYS is dark and metallic so it looks very classy and verges on red.
Barbara Daly
This one is a berry pink with a subtle frosty finish. The bottle is tiny and nearly all gone so I’m having to scrape the polish from the edges!
La Femme
Grey Cream
I only acquired this shade recently and it’s my first light grey. I can’t believe I never purchased a similar colour before. Maybe some will think it’s boring but I think grey nails look great on anyone.
Everyone needs a dark purple in their possession. I actually have quite a few but this is my favourite. It’s not too dark that it looks black and it has tiny flecks of glitter in.
Totally Teal
This comes out so much darker than it looks here. It’s such a rich colour and definitely the darkest of all my favourites.

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