Wednesday, 9 March 2011

♪♫ Love Is The Coal That Makes This Train Roll

I know you're probably getting sick of my unexplained, extended absences and I'm really sorry! So far, this year has been one crazy whirlwind of events and I'm finding it impossible to make time for blogging. I'm trying to get some structure back in the blog so I think instead of attempting a new mani every day, I'm gonna aim for three a week on set days (I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) so you'll know what you can expect.

The internet connection in my house has been down since Sunday and no-one's called up to fix it since it's an 08 number and we only have cell phones so it will cost upwards of 35p per minute to call the ISP (I know it doesn't sound much, but we're all really stingy).
  I'm blogging from home home today (my parents' house) since I had to come back to get one of my wisdom teeth pulled. I've been complaining about it for months so I'm glad it's finally gone. It wasn't half as bad as I was expecting and I barely even felt the injections. It was actually the nicest procedure I've ever had done in a dentist's office, if anything that takes place there can be called nice!

For the mani I used:
Carla Di Roma - Grape Wine
A coat of BYS Tinkerbell
Barry M Blue Glitter sponged from the corners downwards
GOSH Metallic Blue freehanded for the lines using a striper brush (eBay)

I've made a few additions to my list of regular polishes that work well for stamping. This GOSH Metallic Blue is on there! Head over to the Stamping Polishes page if you want to see all of the polishes I use for stamping.


  1. Looove love love this mani! Hate hate hate the dentist lol. I always looks forward to your manis :)! I hope you can get all your stuff figured out so we see more of them :)!

  2. Gorgeous! How do you keep your nails in a such nice shape?? :)

  3. Well, for all the trouble, at least your nails look great!

  4. that is stunning, looks super , a really inspired mani !

  5. Love it! I have that Gosh polish too so ill deffo give it a try next time I am stamping :) xo

  6. I love the two colours you layered together.

    I'm finding it tough to be consistent with blogging lately too!

  7. I love this!!
    And I'm happy you're back ^_^

  8. Great Color an a nice looking Naildesign!

    Best Regards ;-)


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