Tuesday, 15 March 2011

BYS Fools Paradise

Tonight I went to see Rango with some friends - it's now in my top 3 animated films ever. Every frame looks so perfect and the humour is just up my alley. I was more in the mood to see Battle: LA but I'm so glad we saw Rango instead.
It seems like when I watch films, I concentrate more on the aesthetic than what's actually happening in the story. I think this is why I love films like Tron: Legacy, The Cell, and Legend of the Guardians which I know plenty of people don't for one reason or another. I just love watching them for the sake of watching them. They don't have to please my brain when I can just drink them up with my eyes.

Konad Plate: M57
Base Colour: BYS - Fools Paradise
Konad Colour: China Glaze - Adore
Top Coat of NYC


  1. Oooh, I never saw this stamping before. Neat!

  2. Pretty color!

    Do you think Rango is appropriate for kids? I mean, it's marketed as such, but I've heard a number of people say it's not really geared towards children.


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