Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Awesome Aztec

I am now in love with freehand nail art! It takes longer and is not as 'perfect' looking as stamping but there is so much more you can do with it. That's not to say I will be freehanding my nails all the time because there just aren't enough hours in the day but it's definitely something I'm going to keep playing with whenever inspiration strikes.
Today's idea, once again, comes from Marina at Forever The Ugly Duckling. She just has too many great ideas! She suggested I try an Aztec pattern so I did some searching for a reference and found this pair of printed leggings which I based my design on.

 I used Avon Chocolate as a base and GOSH Metallic Blue for the patterns and topped it off with a coat of NYC In a New York Minute top coat.
The brush I used is from this set available from the Born Pretty Store.


  1. love the color combination!! very pretty

  2. Yay I love it, you could give WAH nails a run for their money :) Im glad you liked my idea xo

  3. Beautiful! Great color combo!!!!

  4. ooo! i love the colour combo, aztec is definately the right word! you're very neat with your freehand, nicely done :D
    Emily @emilysnailblog

  5. Wow, this looks awesome. You're great at freehand.

  6. This is beautiful for free-hand!

  7. i love it!!!
    never thought of that before!

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous!

    May I link from my blog to yours?


  9. Nice! I just had my hand at water marbling yesterday so other types of nail art is next on my list!

  10. This manicure is amazing! I love blue and brown together, what a great combination. And your design looks amazing!

  11. This is so cool! Lovely color combo as well!


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