20 Candles

I turned twenty today. It’s kind of momentus but disappointing at the same time. I’m no longer a teenager, I am a fully qualified ‘adult’ which I suppose is okay, but I sure am gonna miss being a teenager and getting away with all the things you can before you reach this age. Only five years ago, I was looking up at twenty-somethings and thinking, ‘Woooooooow, look how old and responsible they are’ but now it’s me and I still feel like a 13 year old inside, but I suppose it’ll always be that way.
So the nails are a cake and candles!
George @ Asda – Natural White
Collection 2000 Hot Looks – Dynasty
BYS – Astro Gold
Nails Inc – Victoria
Rimell Lycra Wear – Black Satin
Stargazer – White
Sally Hansen Chrome – Amber

I used nail art brushes to freehand the candles and a dotting tool for the flames.