Nebula Nails

Here is my attempt at creating some of those ‘Galaxy Nails’ that have been floating around a lot recently. I first saw one of these designs months and months ago but I thought it would be too hard so I didn’t even attempt to create it myself. Boy, was I wrong! Considering how pretty this look is, it’s some of the easiest nail art I’ve ever done and I think it’s absolutely fool proof. I was worried it wouldn’t turn out very well, but I don’t think this look could turn out badly even if you tried to mess it up! That’s the beauty of it.
All you need is a selection of cosmic colours and some textured paper tissue (i.e. kitchen roll) and I’d recommend using at least one holographic polish in the mix. Paint on your base colour and just start dabbing the colours on in patchy, thin layers. 
Asami has a great video tutorial of the method.
This was the colour inspiration for my version.
The polishes I used (in this order) are:
NYC Glossies – 243B
E.L.F – Party Purple
BYS – Glittering Purple
GOSH – Holographic
E.L.F – Twinkle
Collection 2000 Maxiflex – Moonlight Shine (dotted on for the stars)
And of course, a Top Coat of NYC (not pictured)
Has anyone done their own galaxy nails? Please leave a link to your mani in the comments, I love looking at them!