Born Pretty Store and my First Freehand Nail Art

I received a few items from Born Pretty Store a few weeks ago to review. You’ve already seen some of the Bullion put to use and I’ll cracking out the rest of the amazing nail art supplies in good time. Here are the goodies that I got….
I’ve wanted some of these tiny brushes for ages. I did buy a pack of nail art brushes on eBay but there are very few that are suitably teeny for painting designs like this on your nails and I’m actually using one of them to apply my eyeliner!!
This pack of 4 brushes is perfect for drawing anything you can imagine on your nails. They’re small but easy to grip and each one is a different size so you can use the smallest ones for lining and the larger ones for filling in colours.
I decided to try my hand at roses, which are heavily inspired by (read: copied from) Marina at Forever The Ugly Duckling who does some really cute and imaginative, yet simple, freehand nail art which is what actually inspired me to have a go myself.
I started out drawing the outlines of the flowers then filling them in with the blue. Then I went over the outlines again to emphasise them since the blue kind of covered them over. Then I decided to add the leaves by doing the  same thing – outline, colour, outline again!
I’m really pleased with how it turned out and I’ll definitely be doing more freehand nail art in the future if I can come up with any ideas! If that’s something you guys would like to see?
I used:
Brushes from Born Pretty Store
Barry M Berry Ice Cream as a the base colour
Rimmel Black Satin to outline the flowers
Beauty UK Neon Blue to fill the flowers
BYS Fern for the leaves
Top coat of NYC

Disclaimer: The nail art brushes were sent to me by Born Pretty Store for review. Everything you read here is my honest opinion.