Out of Spice

Sorry about the lack of variety over the last few weeks. I migrated home over the Christmas holidays and could only bring a limited amount of kit with me. I’ve only got 35 polishes with me – that’s actually a lot now I’ve counted but when I look at them in the drawer it looks like nothing! – and only 2 of them are any good for stamping so my manis have been a bit samey.
It also occurred to me that many of you may not be aware of the Bundle Monster plates so I’ve put a link there underneath the picture for you to check out the Amazon listing. If you want to get into stamping but don’t want to splash out big bucks on the Konad plates, the BM’s are great. You just need to make sure you get a stamp and scraper (or you can use a credit card to scrape like I do) from somewhere.

Plate: Bundle Monster – BM21
Base Colour: E.L.F – Purple Pleaser
Stamp Colour: Collection 2000 – Moonlight Shine
Top Coat of NYC