Sunday, 2 January 2011

NYC In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Polish Review

I have to start by saying this is the best damn top coat I have ever used in my life!

You may have noticed the line after all my manis that normally says 'Top Coat of NYC'. Well, this is the polish I mean....

New York Color Quick Dry Top Coat

This top coat dries to the touch in one minute - just like it says on the bottle. Within 15 minutes, it will be completely hard and you can go back to your business without worrying about getting any dinks or scratches in your polish. You could even go to bed and sleep peacefully knowing that you won't wake up up with duvet dents pressed in to your mani.
I think it's also important to mention that this top coat won't smudge your Nail Art/Konad designs like some other top coats I've tried.
I can't comment on the lasting power of this top coat because I never really wear a manicure for more than a few days. When I do keep a mani for a little while, this top coat holds up pretty good. Sometimes it does chip slightly around the tips after about 2 days.
The only downside with this top coat is that when you get about two thirds through the bottle it starts to get really gloopy and tricky to apply but I think it's the same with most top coats and polishes in general right?

I can't really compare this to any of the other well known top coats that are out there on the market such as 'Seche Vite' and 'Essie Good to Go' because I've never used them. I've never had the need to try them because this one is so freakin' awesome and at only £2.59 a bottle, it beats the other brands hands down for value.

So if you're looking for a top coat that's going to dry your mani fast and keep your polish hard and strong, this is the perfect budget top coat for you.

In the UK, you can find the NYC range in most larger Superdrug stores. Click here to see stockists in the US.


  1. thanks for the great review! i'll have to try it now :)

  2. i use this top coat & i loveee it !

    - kathy ♥

  3. I just got this :) After you did that post saying that you were looking and looking for it and they changed the packaging, i went and got it. I must say I really like it. also, LOVE YOUR NEW BACKGROUND/TEMPLATEEEEE, let me know what it is pleaseeeee, thanks :)

    1. Hey where did you find it, I can't find it anywhere!

  4. Have you tried thinning it out with nail polish thinner when it gets gloopy? I haven't tried this but you're post inspired me to pick one up in my local CVS drugstore!

  5. Thanks for that review - can I ask, is this the kind of top coat that you put on top of the polish straight away while it's still wet (so it dries all the layers of polish, like Seche Vite) or do you need to wait a while till your polish has dried a bit?

  6. This seems quite awesome, especially the prize! Do you know if this is available in any online stores?

  7. You're welcome polish lava! I hope you like it as much as me :D

    Kathy - Yay! I'm glad you can appreciate the awesomeness with me!

    Kelly - Wow, thanks for listening :D I'm glad you like it.
    It's just blogger's simple template and I've obviously changed the colours using blogger's template editor and put my header on it.

    Kitty - No I haven't. I don't know where to buy that stuff but I'll have a look in Sally's next time I'm there, they must sell it there! I've put NP remover in it before but that doesn't work for very long and makes it cloudy :s haha.
    Yay! I hope it doesn't let you down :D

    Polly - No problem :) Yep, I've put it on when my polish is still wet and it works fine. If there are a lot of layers (like more than 3 or 4) it takes a bit longer to dry.

    Salla - I know - so cheap :D I've never bought it online myself and I'm afraid I don't know of any places that ship to your country. But I'm sure you could find somewhere. Ooh, or I could send you some! Get in touch if you're interested!


  8. Now I know what to buy without breaking the bank! I hate it whenever the lady at the nail salon adds quick dry and it takes 30 minutes for it to "quick dry". Amaaazing. lol.

    I will look into this! :D

  9. Thanks for the recommendation, I am on the hunt for a HG top coat so will be off to superdrug soon :)

  10. I've been using this as my topcoat for a while now, but ran out about a month ago and have not been able to find it ever since. Just thought I'd give you a heads up in case they're discontinuing it or something and you want to stock up. I got the lasting finish one instead and it's nowhere near as good :(

  11. wow thank you so much for this! (i know im over a year late on this) Ive been tryin to find a great top coat that is not expensive. Ive tried Seche VIte and absolutely love it. But im gettin low on it and its too expensive to keep up with it at the moment and just got a bottle of out the door in the mail yesterday and havent used it yet but for $3 I would LOVE to try this. Ill have to look for it when I get low on out the door!

  12. I am a UK resident and I love nail art, and have always struggled to find a top coat worthy of holding my designs. A few months ago, I saw this top coat in Superdrug for around £1.50, and bought it purely for the price. I have been using it since and love it, and I read this article today and find it great that it has been recommended by the Nailasaurus:)

  13. ooooooooh just did a little happy dance, really haven't found a good top coat yet and can't justify Seche Vite, sooooo happy that you've recommended a tried and tested varnish that I can afford. Thank you:)


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