A New Chrome Discovery

Hey guys! I know I’ve been M.I.A. for a few days, other than my constant twitter moaning, but it’s exam period in Uni at the moment and I have 4 exams to study for. I got the first one out of the way this morning so I felt I deserved a break from revision and stressing to do my nails properly.
A few weeks ago, I saw swatches of a chrome polish from Avon at Goose’s Glitter. I know how amazing chromes are for stamping and since I know Avon is a brand I can get my hands on here in the UK, I started my treasure hunt to get my hands on a bottle.
Avon aren’t actually selling this on their website or in the book, but I found a few bottles on eBay and eventually won the bidding on this one at a good price. It popped through my door on Saturday but due to my lack of studying last week, my weekend was crammed full of it so I had no time to play with my new polish.
So today, as a reward to myself for all my work, I went a bit overboard with manicuring. I painted my nails about 5 different colours today before I was happy!

Plate: Bundle Monster – BM21
Base Colour: W7 – Blue Lagoon
Stamping Colour: Avon Mirror Shine – Blue Steel
Top Coat of NYC