Sunday, 9 January 2011


I picked up this beautiful grey polish from La Femme in a £1 shop today. I spotted the display of polishes and zoned in on them. Most of the colours were not really my kind of thing - a lot of metallics and pale shimmery shades - but I spotted this one at the back and bought it thinking it might be good for stamping since it looked creamy and pigmented.
I haven't put it to the stamping test yet but I think it looks great on it's own. It is a gorgeous creamy polish that is perfect in two coats. The only down side to this polish is the brush. It's kind of stiff so it leaves streak marks but they do settle themselves - it's just annoying. Nothing I can complain about considering it was such a bargain.

Konad Plate: M56
Base Colour: La Femme - Grey Cream
Konad Colour: W7 - Black
Gems from eBay (Seller)
Top Coat of NYC

Did anyone make the connection between today's colour and the post title?!


  1. You and your bows! :) I like it! I think it is really nice on its own too. <3 Better yet, it's a great steal! :)

  2. Ooooh que elegante y bonita!!

  3. Ahwww, that's so cute with the ribbons! :) Well done :D

  4. The name of the polish is Grey Cream > Grey's Anatomy > McDreamy > McCreamy?

  5. ^^ I was thinking of the same thing as Kendal!

  6. Toni - Hehe. I do love bows :D I know right?! SUCH a bargain.

    PaO* - Thank you!

    Thanks Carolina :)

    Lieswiesje - Thanks!

    Kendal - Nailed it! (pardon the pun) I freakin' love that show!!

    Kitty - you got it too! Glad to have some fellow Grey's fans in the midst!

    Thanks Antoszewskia!


  7. Haha, Grey's is probably my desert island show. Even at its slow points it's still worthwhile to watch.

  8. Perfection as usual! Ugh I cant wait for my rhinestones to get here!! I've tagged you again!


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