Monday, 24 January 2011

Barry M Raspberry

My mouth has been annoying me recently. My wisdom teeth have been causing me trouble on and off for years now but I've always just done my best to ignore it and wait for it to pass. I know I should really go to the dentist but I know they're gonna say I need them out and I hate getting anaesthetic, doesn't everyone?
Anyway, my whole jaw has been aching for a few days now and I hate it but I'm handling it like a boss!

I used a different camera for these two pictures and they've come out totally different colours! The first is most colour accurate but I love the second one because it looks so sunny and it's nice to be reminded at this time of year that the sun still exists.

Plate: BM11
Base Colour: Barry M - Raspberry
Stamp Colour: George @ Asda - Natural White
Top Coat of NYC

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  1. Ilove Barry M - Raspberry!!!

    This is so pretty , love it!!

  2. This looks amazing, Sammy! I'm the same way with my wisdom teeth. I have impacted ones so they hurt more than the usual wisdom teeth but I'm too scared since they have to slice my gums open. :s

    I like the design you placed on top of this. It's so dainty! <3

    I have a giveaway at the moment. Do you want to participate?

  3. Amazing the difference in colour!
    Cool stamping I like the combination

  4. I have to look into the shipping to talk to my sponsor. Thanks for telling me, Sammy!

  5. Gorgeous! You know, I can't ever figure out how to use those kinds of stamps lol. It looks like you picked up a leaf and pressed it against your nail.

  6. I was so afraid to get my wisdom teeth pulled I put it off for almost 7 years Sammy! I lived in pain almost every day of those 7 years. Finally I found a dentist that answered every question I ever had about it, and we came to a mutual decision that laughing gas would work for me. Before they even gave me the gas I had a panic attack, but I didn't feel a single thing other than very slight pressure. Close your eyes, listen to some music and it'll be over before you know it. Good luck! PS I LOVE YOUR BLOG <3

  7. Great pictures of a great manicure! And too bad your whisdom teeth are messing with you.

  8. Barry M <3 !
    Your stamping is great ^^


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