Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have fun tonight, whatever you're doing, and I wish you all the best for 2011!!!

Plate: Bundle Monster - BM05
Base Colour: BYS - Fools Paradise with Barry M Blue Glitter on ring finger and thumb
Konad Colour: W7 - Black
Top Coat of NYC

Thursday, 30 December 2010

E.L.F Party Purple

This is another of my Christmas prezzy polishes. It's a great colour but it needed 3 coats to be completely opaque. You can't really see the silver glitter as well when it's on the nail.

Konad Plate: M35
Base Colour: E.L.F - Party Purple
Konad Colour: Collection 2000 - Moonlight Shine
Top Coat of NYC


Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I'm still waiting on some sunlight so I can swatch Barry M Dusky Mauve but until then, here's another 'dupe' for Chanel's Paradoxal. It doesn't have the lavendery shimmer but I would say it's a good match for the underlying dark purple colour.

Konad Plate: M71
Base Colour: Models Own - Purple Grey
Konad Colour: Sally Hansen Chrome - Amber
Top Coat of NYC

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Barry M Bright Purple

This is one of the polishes I got for Christmas. I love this colour! I was looking at it in the bottle wondering if I was going to be too pink for my liking but it's just perfect - it's bold and bright without being too tacky (imo).

Konad Plate: M64
Base Colour: Barry M - Bright Purple
Konad Colour: W7 - Black
Top Coat of NYC

I also forgot to show you this cool gadget that my aunt bought me for Christmas. It's a cute little monkey that blows on your fingers to make your polish dry faster!


Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas Presents!

I thought I would quickly share with you guys my 'main' Christmas present and show you the polishes I got. I actually only got 4, can you believe it?! I was very restrained whenever someone asked me what I wanted this year. I had to hold back the urge to tell them all I wanted lots of nail varnish since I need to get some money in my savings account in anticipation of something important (hair straighteners, mp3 player - the essentials ya know?!) failing on me and needing replacing since all my appliances are over 3 years old!
Wow, I sounded a bit like a spoiled brat just there. I promise, I'm not.

My parents got me this Panasonic Lumix FS30 in my favourite colour - purple! My old digi-cam is super old and way behind the times. This one is great at macro, the pictures are super sharp and it has a nice soft flash - my old cam used to bleach out everything in range and you couldn't focus on anything closer than about 20cm. 
I actually almost prefer this camera to my DSLR which I've been using for all my blogging and artsy stuff but I'm so loyal to that chunky Olympus despite the fact that the flash has been busted for months now.

Nail polishes Left to Right:
Barry M in Bright Purple and Dusky Mauve both from my Grandma
ELF in Party Purple and Twinkle from my Mum

The Barry M Dusky Mauve is supposed to be a dupe of Chanel Paradoxal. It definitely looks very close in the bottle, you can see the purple shimmer in the picture (click for a closer look).

ELF Twinkle is blue and gold glitter in a clear polish which comes out kind of matte but looks better with a glossy top coat.
Party Purple is a dark purple with silver glitter.

So look out for these in the coming weeks. I'm really excited to wear Dusky Mauve and see it in sunlight which has been lacking this week. I've obviously tried it on but I couldn't see much shimmer under artificial light.

Brown Butterflies

I know I've been neglectful recently when it comes to replying to all your lovely comments. Even if I don't respond underneath I do read every single one and will make all efforts to reply to your specific questions. 
If you have any of these specific questions, you'll probably get a faster response if you Twit or Email me. It might also be fun if you Formspring me. I've only ever had 3 questions asked and it would be cool to get some more! I'll answer pretty much anything you ask so go wild!

Konad Plate: Bundle Monster - BM09
Base Colour: Barry M Mushroom
Konad Colour: L'Oreal LaquiResist - Black Bean
Top Coat of NYC


Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas to All and to All a Good Night...

It's CHRISTMAS!! Well nearly anyway :)
I spent my Christmas eve shopping with my mum and then at the cinema with my dad so I'm super tired and hopefully won't wake up too early out of excitement. Yes, I'm almost two decades old and I still can't sleep through the night on Christmas Eve! 
Today's nails are kind of Christmassy. I think this pattern would make awesome wrapping paper in festive colours.

Plate: Bundle Monster - BM21
Base Colour: BYS - Fern
Stamp Colour: Sally Hansen Chrome - Amber
Top Coat of NYC

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope St. Nick brings you everything you wished for!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I'm going to see Tron: Legacy tomorrow! I've been super excited about this film for months and would have seen it the day it was released if it were up to me. Unfortunately, I'm not in the city at the moment and without a car it's impossible to get to a cinema so I've had to wait for my dad to take me!

So anyway, I did some Tron inspired nails to mark the occasion and amazingly, my favourite blue glitter is perfect against black to mimic the trademark colours of the movie.

I used:
Rimmel Lycra Wear Black Satin
Barry M Blue Glitter sponged on the tips

Has anyone seen the movie yet? Is it as good as it looks?

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Barry M Blue Glitter

I've never really bothered with glitters before but when I used the Barry M Red Glitter for the first time last week for its insanely festive properties, I really thought I should explore some more glitters and decided to get the blue glitter too next time I was at the shops since I prefer blue to red anyway.

I've been in looove with this polish since I bought it last week. I don't know why, but I just want to wear it all the time! It's a practically impossible to remove with just NP remover and cotton pads, but I've been using the 'foil' method which makes the whole process so much easier. I also find that after wearing it for a while, it quite easily peels off. I wouldn't recommend this as it's really bad for your nails but I'm a picker - I pick at everything - so I find that I can't help myself!
In these pictures, I'm wearing two coats of the Glitter over one coat of Barry M Cyan Blue.

And a close up...

And soft focus to see all the glimmery, glittery goodness...

I don't think the colour underneath is absolutely necessary as two coats covers the nail with glitter quite well.
This is a gorgeous polish and is guaranteed to get your nails noticed, just make sure you're committed to removing it after since it really is a nightmare without the foils.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Half a Hiatus

Over the Christmas season, I'm going to be doing less manicures. I'm aiming to stick to a post every other day.
I couldn't get the lighting right for this picture so the colours are a bit cruddy, sorry.

Konad Plate: M39
Base Colour: No7 - Foxglove
Konad Colour: Sally Hansen Chrome Amber and BYS Glittering Purple
Top Coat of NYC

Friday, 17 December 2010

Sleigh Bells

Plate: Bundle Monster - BM14
Base Colour: NYC - Prince Street
Stamp Colour: Collection 2000 - Moonlight Shine
Barry M Red Glitter for the dots
Top Coat of NYC

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I'm heading home for the Christmas holidays tomorrow (yay!) which means it's going to be a bit hectic and all my stuff's going to be packed up so there may not be a mani but I'll try my best.

Konad Plate: M60
Base Colour: L'Oreal Jet-Set - 225
Konad Colour: Miss Sporty - Zodiac
Top Coat of NYC

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Happy Days

I'm very happy today because Superdrug finally have 'NYC In A New York Minute' top coat in stock.
For weeks now, I've been diluting my gloopy bottle with GOSH top coat and every time I was near a Superdrug I HAD to go in and check for it until today, finally, I found some.
I was a bit worried they'd stopped making the stuff but it turns out they've just changed the packaging. I don't see why it should be out of stock for 4 weeks just for a change of packaging?! 

Here's my shiny new bottle on the right with the old one on the left. Can you see how yellow the old one's gone?

I took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer (on all cosmetics at Superdrug) and bought two bottles of the NYC and the Barry M blue glitter because I love the red one so much.

Plate: Bundle Monster - BM14
Base Colour: Barry M  Cyan Blue with Barry M Blue Glitter sponged from the tip
Stamp Colour: Collection 2000 - Moonlight Shine
Top Coat of NYC

Monday, 13 December 2010


At some point last night, I hit 500 followers and I just want to give you all a BIG thank you. It still amazes me that people read my blog everyday. I started this blog to post pictures of my konadicures that I was doing daily after receiving some plates last Christmas and through it I've learnt so much and been lucky enough to meet some amazing people along the way. 
Thank You All!!!

Plate: BM10
Base Colour: Ulta3 - Gooseberry
Stamp Colour: Collection 2000 - Moonlight Shine
Gold bullion from Viva La Nails
Top Coat of NYC


Konad Plate: M57
Base Colour: Barry M Berry Ice Cream and BYS Fuschia Flash sponged on
Konad Colour: W7 - Black
Top Coat of NYC

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Festive Fingertips

Normally I steer well clear of glitter nail polish but this one's just too Christmassy not to wear! So here's my first Christmas Mani...

Plate: Bundle Monster - BM14
Base Colour: Two coats of Barry M Red Glitter over a coat of Collection 2000 284
Stamp Colour: Collection 2000 - Moonlight Shine
Gems from eBay (Seller)
Top Coat of NYC

And slightly out of focus so you can see the glitter...


Wednesday, 8 December 2010


One of my nails broke today so I decided to cut them all down a bit to even it out. I also filed them into a rounder shape but I definitely prefer them square.

Konad Plate: M64
Base Colour: BYS - Metallic Fuchsia
Konad Colour: Collection 2000 - Moonlight Shine
Gems from eBay (Seller)
Top Coat of NYC


Monday, 6 December 2010

♪♫ We could have had it all, rolling in the deep...

This blue base is a Claire's mood polish that is no longer moody. It doesn't change colour to the 'warm' shade any more unless I expose it to extreme temperatures like earlier when I sat with my hands on front of my heater for 10 minutes and then it just went quickly back to the cold shade.
Has anyone else found this with their mood polishes?

Plate: Fauxnad - M34
Base Colour: Claire's Mood - Flirty/Shy
Stamp Colour: China Glaze - Adore
Top Coat of NYC

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Band of Gold

Plate: BM11
Base Colour: BYS - La Di Da
Stamp Colour: Sally Hansen Chrome - Amber
Gems from eBay (Seller)
Top Coat of NYC

Saturday, 4 December 2010

We Have A Winner!

The winner of my 300 follower giveaway is...

necessary★nails a.k.a Katherine
(her blog here)

Congratulations Katherine and sorry to everyone that wasn't as lucky this time.


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Back In Action With a Bit of Blue

I finally handed in my essay today. it really wasn't up to scratch but I was just desperate to hand it over and have some fun. I didn't cry like I predicted which is a plus but I was up all night until 6am when I gave up and went to sleep for 2 hours then got up to hand it in.
I'm hosting a game night tonight with some friends that I haven't seen for ages which will just be awesome sauce and I can't wait to let loose and have a bottle of wine!

Plate: Fauxnad M31
Base Colour: BYS - Fools Paradise
Stamp Colour: Stargazer - 118 White
Gems from eBay (Seller)
Top Coat of NYC

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