Monday, 31 May 2010

Never Have I Ever...

... used EIGHT COATS to get a polish to look opaque on my nails!!
This is one of my new polishes from Martian Delights and it took at least 8 coats. Oh, and you can still see nail line :(
It's a shame cuz it's a really nice colour too. Hopefully it will thicken up, maybe in a year or two, haha.

Plate: BM14
Base Colour: Maybelline Express Finish - 264 Ocean Blue
Stamp Colour: NYC Glossies - 243B
Cherry On Top: Rimmel Lasting Finish - 61 Exoctica
Top Coat of NYC

My Delights

So - here is my post haul from home.

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure
I was wearing this all night and most of the day. I loooove it. Thank you so much Karen :D
(Base Colour: L'Oreal Jet Set - 225, Stamp Colour: Sally Hansen Chrome - 04 Garnet, Plate: BM09)

Bundle Monster Plates
Really pleased with the designs on these. The all over designs are really small which is annoying. But so are the tip designs which might actually be better for my baby nails.

Martian Delights Spree
Some of these polishes are really thin which, I suppose, is what you risk when you buy cheap, old polishes. I will never learn...
I tried using the Chrystal Chrome for stamping with my new BM plates. It was so thin it was practically squirting out of the plates when I was pushing the stamper to it - if you know what I mean?!

Oh, and BTW

I got sooo bored of revision today that I decided, on the spur of the moment, to just visit home.
I knew there were a lot of interesting packages waiting for me and I wanted to take a decent shower (here I have a little wet room with no water pressure, and the whole room gets soaked everytime I use the shower).

So, I went home and picked up:
  • My Bundle Monster Plates,
  • The Sally Hansen Treasure that I won in Karen's giveaway, and
  • My new haul of 7 polishes from Martian Delights
  • Plus some other bits and bobs - including 6 pairs of earrings that I bought from eBay with an extra 2 pairs free. That was my lovely surprise of the day!
I found Martian Delights when I was searching for some more Sally Hansen Chrome which is amaaazing for stamping but unfortunately discontinued. They have loads of nice polishes at good prices. I think a lot of them are discontinued. I loved buying old, odd polishes - mostly because of the price!

I will provide you with some pictures of my new polishes tomorrow and expect to see lots of BM designs and Hidden Treasure in the coming days :D


Sorry about the bad colour in this picture - I ran out of sunlight. The base colour is a realy fancy hot pink, not red as it looks in the picture.

Konad Plate: M35
Base Colour: No7Speed Dry - 43 Foxglove
Konad Colour: Sally Hansen Chrome - 04 Garnet
Top Coat of NYC

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Beauty UK or Beauty No-K?

I have a few Beauty UK polishes. They are only cheap - but some if the colours are nice - so they chip easily and are not amazing.
Since I am running out of my beloved NYC Top Coat, I need a new one that's not too expensive since I only ever wear it for a day and get through it really fast.
So, I bought Beauty UK's '2 in 1 Top Coat' which is fine as a base coat but rubbish as a top coat.
Last night, I finished my nails, with top coat, at least 30 minutes before bed but when I woke up, they were all scratched and dented. Since then, I've painted on the blue and added a coat of NYC.
You can see on the thumb where the polish has basically 'stretched' because the top coat didn't do its job and dry the polish underneath :(

So, basically, don't buy Beauty UK top coats :D

Konad Plate: M57
Base Colour: Beauty UK - 36 Neon Blue
Konad Colour: NYC Glossies - 243B
Top Coat of Beauty UK
Blue: NYC Glossies 243B
Top Coat of NYC

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ice Ice Baby

Plate: Fauxnad M54
Base Colour: Barbara Daly Make Up - Velour
Stamp Colour: BYS - 145 Lilac Bliss
Top Coat of NYC

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Half n Half

It's 8.30pm and I've just woken up. I had an exam this morning so I stayed up revising until 4.30 and had to be up at 6.30, so when I came in I did my nails, watched Arrested Development and went back to bed (check the link for some chickeny goodness, haha. Sorry, I just love this show).

To do this manicure, I had to use guides. Now, I normally avoid these at all costs because they really bug me and I can do a neater job with less fuss free hand but I had to use them for this one to get the Konad to stay in the right place.
When I say guides, I mean hole reinforcers cut in half because they are so much cheaper. :D

Konad Plate: M57
Base Colour: Barbara Daly Make Up - Velour
White: Stargazer 118 - White
Stripes: W7 - Black
Top Coat of NYC

Also, the wonderful KarenD at Frazzle Aniploish has tagged me with the sweet blog award and I will be working on tagging some of my favourite blogs as soon as I have some free time.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Free Shipping at E.L.F

E.L.F cosmetics is moving so they are offering free shipping to the UK and Europe on all orders over £10 until 27th May. I just spent £12 on 8 items including a nail polish and 3 sets of false lashes. I've never used the brand before, but for as little as £1.50 an item, how can you go wrong!

If you live in the UK, enter newhomeUK at the checkout.

For the EU, enter newhomeEU

Click on the picture to go to the website.


I had a bit of an accident with this one. Right after I'd finished, I managed to spill acetone all over my hand but I didn't have time to do it all again so I just tried to shake it off - so that's why it's a bit smudgy. Haha.

Konad Plate: M57
Base Colour: George@ Asda - No. 35 Frost Bite
Konad Colour: L'Oreal LaquiResist - 198 Black Bean
Spot Colour: BYS - 66 Astro Gold
Top coat of NYC

Monday, 24 May 2010


Konad Plate: M57
Base Colour: Nails Inc - Paris
Konad Colour: Stargazer - 118 White
Top Coat of NYC

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Summer Graffiti

Plate: Fauxnad M31
Base Colour: Barry M - 308 Berry Ice Cream
Stamp Colours: BYS - 204 Glittering Purple and NYC Glossies - 243B
Top Coat of NYC


Saturday, 22 May 2010


I decided to do another Ruffian manicure, this time with some Konads too.

At first, I made a bit of a mess by painting on the accent after the main colour so clean up was pretty tricky!

Konad Plate: M35
Base Colour: Glo Baby Glo - Yes Cyan!, from Primark
Accent and Konad Colour: W7 - Black
Top Coat of NYC

Friday, 21 May 2010

Give Me Grapes

Recently I have been eating sooo many grapes as part of my attempt to cut out the unhealthy snacks that I have a penchant for such as chocolate, sweets and cookies :D
Today I washed a fairly big bunch of grapes intending to eat a few and put the rest in the fridge but ended up eating the whole thing and not having room for dinner! So... yeah, I love grapes especially red ones :D

Plate: Fauxnad M71
Base Colour: BYS - 201 Tickle Me Pink
Stamp Colour: BYS - 199 Purple Rain

No top coat of NYC because I was distracted watching Arrested Development. I just started watching from number 1 this week and I love it :D

Mixed All Up

I actually did this Konadicure a little while ago but didn't like it much.
Looking at it now I quite like it so here it is...

Konad Plate: M57
Base Colour: Two coats of Barbara Daly - Cardinal
And One coat of BYS - 38 Tinkerbell
Konad Colour: W7 - Black
Top Coat of NYC

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Black and the Beanstalk

Using one of my new (old) Collection 2000 polishes today. I bought these on the weekend in a bargain store at 6 for £1! Bargain!

All I will say is they are very old and either they are just made thin or something has been put in them to thin them out and it separates when they are sat in the box so they need a lot of shaking and are no good for stamping like lots of the old, thickened polishes I pick up for cheap!

Plate: Fauxnad M54
Base Colour: Collection 2000 - 198
Fauxnad and Tip Colour: W7 - Black
Top Coat of NYC


INCredible Offers

If you live in the UK, I know of a few amazing Nails Inc. offers.

In Boots you just have to buy any two Diet Cokes (£2.36) and you get a free limited edition Nails Inc polish. There are 4 city-themed colours to choose from - Milan (Red), New-York (Fuschia Pink), London (Nude) and Paris (Purply Pink).
I would have had London but they were all out when I was there, so I came away with Paris.

I also bought Barry M Berry Ice Cream

You can also buy InStyle magazine for £3.60 with a choice of 3 colours - Mink (Grey/Beige), Beach (Coral) and Candy (Lilac). I saw this in the supermarket yesterday but they only had Beach left and I didn't like it. I'm definitely gonna keep my eye open for Mink though!

There is also a '20% off Nails Inc Online' offer on the InStyle Magazine website, here.

It has to make you wonder why Nails Inc are so desperate to flog off all of these polishes when they charge £10.50 a bottle in store.
I now have 3 Nails Inc polishes and I got them all for free. They are pretty good but nothing special so I'd rather stick to cheaper brands and get more colours for the same price.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I've been working on the layout of my blog today. I hope you all like it.

I'm not sure if I like it very much though and I will probably be changing it again very soon.
I tried sponging today. Was going for a gradient but I think I need a bit more practice to perfect it.

Plate: Fauxnad M77
Base Colour: Franken
Tips Colour: Stargazer 118- White (Sponged on)
Fauxnad Colour: W7 - Black
Top Coat of NYC

Monday, 17 May 2010

Sorry it's been so long

Sorry I haven't posted for so long. I've been visiting home and I didn't take my computer or camera.

Base Colour: George@ Asda - 35 Frost Bite
Konad Colour (M60): George@ Asda - 9 Cloudless Sky
Konad Colour (M35): NYC Glossies - 243B
Top Coat of NYC

And I have to show you this. My laugh of the day came from a friend who showed me this video.

What a jerk. He totally deserved that right?!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Creamy Flowers

Hey guys. I am so happy today because:
1) I have 1 exam down and only six to go :s and
2) I won a giveaway!! It's for Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and I can't wait to get it. Big thanks to Karen at Frazzle and Aniploish for the giveaway :D

Todays Konad is very subtle but I really like it. You may have to click for the bigger pictures to spot the pink on pink Konadding.

Konad Plate: M39
Base Colour: BYS - 38 Tinkerbell 
Tip Colour: W7 - Purple Paradise
Konad Colour:  Sally Hansen Chrome - 04 Garnet
Top Coat of NYC

Keep your eyes open because I have been inspired to do a giveaway of my own soon.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Examinations and their Procrastinations

Sorry guys, but due to it being exam period at the moment, I haven't had time to do a Konadicure for your musings today. I have had my head in books and lecture notes for the past two days, attempting to buff up on the basics of economics but I still feel pretty doooomed to fail :(

Anyway, during one of my frequent procrastination breaks, I read around a few blogs including Susie's Home and Hobbies. Her latest post was a really pretty Fauxnad design and I decided to buy the bundle of Fauxnad plates that she uses from Bundle Monster at

Since I am in the UK, it was $4.00 (£2.60) for shipping. I'm so excited to get these and hopefully by the time they arrive, I will be free from exams and free to Konadicure to my heart's content!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Stolen Gothic Lolita

Credit to I Love Nail Polish for the idea

Konad Plate: M71
Base Colour: Unbranded nude colour (from a cheapy set from good ol' Woolworths)
Konad and Tips Colour: W7 - Black
Top Coat of NYC

Monday, 10 May 2010

Some kind of moon manicure?

I've seen these manicures around but I can't remember the name. I think it's something to do with a moon, does anybody know?
I was going to add a Konad but I thought it might end up looking a bit o.t.t and I didn't want to risk my feelings towards this manicure turning from love to dislike cuz it took aaaages.

Pink Colour: Glo Baby Glo - Pinky 'n' Flirty, From Primark
Purple Colour: Nails Inc - Victoria
TWO top coats of NYC  - as you can see this one's extra shiny.
I used two coats to speed up the drying - by the time I was finished I had about 5 coats of polish on :)

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Apologies for the lack of a post yesterday. So today you get two Konadicures for one. Hence, the title - for any 30 Rock fans :D

Plate: Fauxnad M55
Base Colour: Glo Baby Glo - Electric Blue, from Primark
Fauxnad Colour: Stargazer 118 - White
Top Coat of NYC

Konad Plate: M54
Base Colour: W7 - Purple
Konad Colour: Stargazer 118 - White
Top Coat of NYC

Friday, 7 May 2010

Oh So Boho

Konad Plate: M60
Base Colour: George@ Asda - No. 35 Frost Bite
Konad Colour: L'Oreal LaquiResist - 198 Black Bean
Top coat of NYC

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Tonight was very fun. I went to see La Roux at the students union which was hellafun. Supporting were I Blame Coco who I had actually heard of before tonight, I always feel musically superior when I know who the supporting bands are!... Coco is Sting's daughter and she looks just like him. And Jamie Woon who was amaaazing.

Now I have to decide whether to watch 9, The Informant or The Tooth Fairy before I go to bed...

Plate: Fauxnad M08
Base Colour: : Glo Baby Glo - Yes Cyan! from Primark
Fauxnad Colour: Stargazer 118 - White
Top Coat of NYC

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Konad Plate: M64
Base Colour: NYC Nail Glossies - 227
Konad Colour: Sally Hansen Chrome - 04 Garnet
Top Coat of NYC

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Metallic? You decide...

I'm so happy that my follower count is still rising today. Thanks, everyone and I hope you like what you're reading (:

Plate: Fauxnad M69
Base Colour: BYS - 108 Metallic Fuschia
Fauxnad Colour: Stargazer - 118 White
Top Coat of NYC

Not the best pictures, but as you can see, this 'Metallic Fuschia' isn't really metallic, IMHO anyways :D

Also, a quick note on the fauxnads. Fauxnad plates are good value but as you can see (especially if you click to see the larger version), the quality of the stamp once on the nail is definitely not up to Konad par - just something to consider if you're thinking of buying Fauxnads.

By the way, May the 4th be with you today - for any Star Wars fans out there!

NYC Top Coat

As suggested by KarenD, here is a picture of the New York Color Top Coat (201) I use everyday in case you want to look out for it. I've mentioned this top coat before because it's good for Konadding, as it doesn't smudge the designs. It also dries really quickly so you can get on with other stuff without worrying too much about messing up your nails.

I think it's discontinued stock as I bought it in a seconds store, but I've seen another NYC Top Coat stocked in Superdrug which I think was this.

As you can see, it's very cheap, but it works for me.
P.S. If anyone see this stocked in any shops in the UK, please let me know :D

Look what I just found. Perhaps, it's not discontinued. Perhaps it's new. Who knows? Anyway, hope this is handy.

BYS Haul

I love BYS nail polishes, as you might have deduced from my constant use of them!
They sell the range of make-up in a small clothes shop called QS for the bargain price of £2.50 each and they are factually amazing. I haven't seen them on sale anywhere else but if you've seen them, please let me know. There are so many colours to chose from and they go on smooth and wear for a long time.

So.. when I visited QS on the weekend and saw that all BYS make up was on offer at 3 for £5, how could I resist. And with my 20% student discount, I got them for £4!Definitely my bargain of the week. I like these colours so much that I thought I would show you...

They are...
Left: 108 Metallic Fuschia
I wouldn't call this metallic, just very shimmery. It's a nice warm pink, without being too 'in your face' like some hot/neon pinks.

Centre: 137 Pink On The Brink
A mix of pink and silver glitter in clear polish.

Right: 09 Flirty Sparkle
A reddy pink polish with tiny pieces of silver glitter. Nightmare to remove but worth it.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Franken No.2

Okay, it's gonna be a long post today.

Firstly, I have to thank Susies1955, Audrey and anyone else who's shared this blog. I loved logging on this morning to find 5 followers up from 1! And the number is rising every hour. If anyone else wants to spread some love and share my blog, I would loove it.

Secondly, my second Franken. I am falling in love with making frankens. My collection of polish is so large now (75 at the last count) that it's good to use some of the older ones making new ones. My own little recycling plant :D

It is a shimmery light pink made from four existing polishes - white, shimmery pink, shimmery red and hot pink which you can see in the picture below.

And here is the polish on...

Konad Plate: M57
Base Colour: Franken
Konad Colour:  BYS - 199 Purple Rain
Top Coat of NYC

The Silverfish
Finally, the bug I found in my room! It's no secret among us students that the university halls where I live have a Silverfish infestation but I have been lucky enough not to seea single one in my room between September and now. But last Wednesday (28th) I spotted one on my noticeboard!!
If you've never seen a silverfish, they look just like earwigs. I'm not a bug fan but I'm not terrified of them so I can get close but never touch them directly. Blurgh. And this was the fastest bug I've ever seen in my life. I tried to get it on a piece of paper and out the window but it practically flew away. It really creeped me out.
Click on the picture for an uncensored version. If you think you can handle it :D


Sunday, 2 May 2010

Daisy Chains

Plate: Fauxnad M08
Base Colour: Collection 2000 Hot Looks - 24 Shameless
Fauxnad Colour: Stargazer - 118 White
Top Coat of NYC

Saturday, 1 May 2010


Konad Plate: M54
Base Colour: Carla di Roma - 62 Grape Wine
Konad Colour: Sally Hansen Chrome - 04 Garnet
Top Coat of NYC


Plate: Fauxnad M69
Base Colour: Barbara Daly Make Up - Cardinal
Fauxnad Colour: Stargazer 118 - White
Top Coat of NYC
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