Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I'm going to see Tron: Legacy tomorrow! I've been super excited about this film for months and would have seen it the day it was released if it were up to me. Unfortunately, I'm not in the city at the moment and without a car it's impossible to get to a cinema so I've had to wait for my dad to take me!

So anyway, I did some Tron inspired nails to mark the occasion and amazingly, my favourite blue glitter is perfect against black to mimic the trademark colours of the movie.

I used:
Rimmel Lycra Wear Black Satin
Barry M Blue Glitter sponged on the tips

Has anyone seen the movie yet? Is it as good as it looks?


  1. Mmm, nice! Haven't seen it yet, but plan to. I am old enough that I saw the first one in the theater. :)

  2. I love the mani and have not see the movie yet but hopefully after new years!

  3. My friends wanted to drive super far to see it in Imax, but I had no interest. I heard it was visually enticing (much like this manicure, woohoo, sexy nails!), but didn't have much as far as story goes.

  4. This is gorgeous! I've really been loving glitter as gradients and applied sponged on. beautiful!

  5. This mani looks great. I haven't seen it yet; maybe soon.

  6. The mani is great, totally captures the awesome that is Tron: Legacy!

  7. Your nails soo fit with the movie. *steals your idea to do at a later date* I as well saw tron and LOVED it. Totally plan on watching it again in theaters. I dont normally see movies more than once but I think Tron is one of them for me.

    Kudos on an awesome mani... looking forward to China Glazes Tron line. I hate having to be patient though.

  8. Perfectly themed! Lovely colors :)

  9. KarenD - Thanks! That's awesome! I have seen the first one and I think it's pretty impressive for its time :D

    Evil Angel - Thank you! You should see it, it's amazing on the big screen.

    Kendal - I would have gone to see it in Imax it would have been epic! Thanks ;) No there wasn't much of a story but I think that's good cuz it leaves more brain power to absorb the visuals :)

    OnceBitten - Thank you. I'm in love with this glitter and I've just got the hang of sponging so you will probably see plenty of it for a while!

    Michelle - Thanks! I recommend it if you like special effects that make you go :o haha.

    Thanks Trincess!

    Bippy - Thank you, the film *is* absolutely awesome!

    Thanks Kitty! :D

    Mistress Zombie - Hehe, help yourself. I'm just chuffed that you like it enough to want to steal it :D
    I would see it again too! The only other film I've seen twice at the cinema is Scott Pilgrim.
    And OMG YES!! I am desperate to get my hands on at least one of them (if only because they're Tron themed) so I hope they get them in Sally's over here.

    Thank you Thifa, I'm glad you think so!


  10. how do you do those nails?? Amazing. My two favorite colors


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