Happy Days

I’m very happy today because Superdrug finally have ‘NYC In A New York Minute’ top coat in stock.
For weeks now, I’ve been diluting my gloopy bottle with GOSH top coat and every time I was near a Superdrug I HAD to go in and check for it until today, finally, I found some.
I was a bit worried they’d stopped making the stuff but it turns out they’ve just changed the packaging. I don’t see why it should be out of stock for 4 weeks just for a change of packaging?! 
Here’s my shiny new bottle on the right with the old one on the left. Can you see how yellow the old one’s gone?
I took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer (on all cosmetics at Superdrug) and bought two bottles of the NYC and the Barry M blue glitter because I love the red one so much.

Plate: Bundle Monster – BM14
Base Colour: Barry M  Cyan Blue with Barry M Blue Glitter sponged from the tip
Stamp Colour: Collection 2000 – Moonlight Shine
Top Coat of NYC