Sunday, 19 December 2010

Half a Hiatus

Over the Christmas season, I'm going to be doing less manicures. I'm aiming to stick to a post every other day.
I couldn't get the lighting right for this picture so the colours are a bit cruddy, sorry.

Konad Plate: M39
Base Colour: No7 - Foxglove
Konad Colour: Sally Hansen Chrome Amber and BYS Glittering Purple
Top Coat of NYC


  1. Very feminine looking...I love it!

  2. Honestly I don't generally give a damn if the ilghting is not so good for pictures, because we all know how it is for us all, depending on the weather, season of the year, etc.
    What I see here is a very classy manicure with gorgeous effects, it's really wonderful for the holidays and this very special spirit floating in the air :)

    (by the way, if ever you feel like entering my giveaway on my blog, it would be a honour... this is not self-advertising I promise, just a friendly offer ;) )

  3. this is gorgeous!
    (check out my giveaway)

  4. Nice nails! And it's understandable that you will do less during Christmas because it's family time then :)

  5. I LOVE this one! OMG! That design is too cute!


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