Christmas Presents!

I thought I would quickly share with you guys my ‘main’ Christmas present and show you the polishes I got. I actually only got 4, can you believe it?! I was very restrained whenever someone asked me what I wanted this year. I had to hold back the urge to tell them all I wanted lots of nail varnish since I need to get some money in my savings account in anticipation of something important (hair straighteners, mp3 player – the essentials ya know?!) failing on me and needing replacing since all my appliances are over 3 years old!
Wow, I sounded a bit like a spoiled brat just there. I promise, I’m not.
My parents got me this Panasonic Lumix FS30 in my favourite colour – purple! My old digi-cam is super old and way behind the times. This one is great at macro, the pictures are super sharp and it has a nice soft flash – my old cam used to bleach out everything in range and you couldn’t focus on anything closer than about 20cm. 
I actually almost prefer this camera to my DSLR which I’ve been using for all my blogging and artsy stuff but I’m so loyal to that chunky Olympus despite the fact that the flash has been busted for months now.
Nail polishes Left to Right:
Barry M in Bright Purple and Dusky Mauve both from my Grandma
ELF in Party Purple and Twinkle from my Mum

The Barry M Dusky Mauve is supposed to be a dupe of Chanel Paradoxal. It definitely looks very close in the bottle, you can see the purple shimmer in the picture (click for a closer look).

ELF Twinkle is blue and gold glitter in a clear polish which comes out kind of matte but looks better with a glossy top coat.
Party Purple is a dark purple with silver glitter.
So look out for these in the coming weeks. I’m really excited to wear Dusky Mauve and see it in sunlight which has been lacking this week. I’ve obviously tried it on but I couldn’t see much shimmer under artificial light.