Barry M Blue Glitter

I’ve never really bothered with glitters before but when I used the Barry M Red Glitter for the first time last week for its insanely festive properties, I really thought I should explore some more glitters and decided to get the blue glitter too next time I was at the shops since I prefer blue to red anyway.
I’ve been in looove with this polish since I bought it last week. I don’t know why, but I just want to wear it all the time! It’s a practically impossible to remove with just NP remover and cotton pads, but I’ve been using the ‘foil’ method which makes the whole process so much easier. I also find that after wearing it for a while, it quite easily peels off. I wouldn’t recommend this as it’s really bad for your nails but I’m a picker – I pick at everything – so I find that I can’t help myself!
In these pictures, I’m wearing two coats of the Glitter over one coat of Barry M Cyan Blue.
And a close up…

And soft focus to see all the glimmery, glittery goodness…

I don’t think the colour underneath is absolutely necessary as two coats covers the nail with glitter quite well.
This is a gorgeous polish and is guaranteed to get your nails noticed, just make sure you’re committed to removing it after since it really is a nightmare without the foils.