Sunday, 7 November 2010

Well, I will definitely learn from this mistake.

Sorry for my inexcusable absence over the past week. I really have no good reason for abandoning my blog.
I've been pretty lazy and not even been painting my nails most days. If you want to read about what I've been up to this week, please read yesterdays post on my other blog.
This week was the first time in over 2 years that I left the house with bare nails. I'm a bit self-conscious about the yellow stains but I can tell it's been beneficial because they are the longest and strongest they've ever been. 

I'm sitting here feeling pretty stupid right now because I was just writing a post explaining that my camera is broken and I probably won't be able to blog for a while. 
All weekend, I was utterly convinced that it had broken. It seemed as though it wouldn't power up and a little red LED on the side just flashed when I tried to turn it on which, in my past, has been an indicator of something going wrong with the insides.

So I'm sat here fiddling with it and I heard the auto-focus working when I press the shutter button. A bit more fiddling later, I discover that I'd simply pressed the 'Info' button too many times and managed to turn off the display.
I consider myself very 'technologically capable' so I'm super embarrassed and my Dad is going to have a good chuckle when I confess what I've just told you!

So, I've just taken a picture of today's nails and will have them up in a jiffy!
Thanks for your patience xx



  1. Ohhh hope it gets fixed soon :) Sorry to hear that

  2. I hope that I've understand it... you belived that your camera was broken while it wasn't, ya? this is very funny :)
    One day, when i was a child i took several photo but when i went to photographer to stamp them, i found out that my finger was in almmost of them..ahah

  3. Thifa - Sorry, I didn't explain very well. It turns out I just turned the display off but didn't realise - pretty embarrassing!

    Alice - Yes, you've understood - I babbled a bit in the post.
    Something similar happened to me when I was younger! I forgot to open the lens cover so all my pictures came out blank!



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