Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I don't have a lot of time for nail art with this silly assignment due on Thursday so today's mani is just a simple take on a French Manicure. I'm one of those people who leaves everything until the last possible minute. I have a 1700 word essay plus a 500 word report due on Thursday morning and I haven't even started them yet!
I don't know what my problem is. I know I'm going to end up sat at my desk at 4 o' clock on Thursday morning after staying up all night, crying because I haven't got enough words or decent content, telling myself that this won't happen next time but it always does. Is anyone else a serial procrastinator?
Sorry for the rant!

I used E.L.F. Innocence as a base and Models Own Purple Grey for the tips and dots which I did with a dotting tool. Topped off with NYC In A New York Minute Top Coat.


  1. I know the feeling with the uni assignments! the last few weeks before xmas aare always hectic :S
    Lovin the nails!! xx

  2. I always put things off until the last minute! Then it turns into a "woe is me" crying session haha.

    :) I love the nails!

  3. I am such a procrastinator as well! but the mani is cute! :-)

  4. same situation: I have an exam in less than two weeks, so much to study, and haven't seriously begun yet :SS
    what's my problem?!? -.-
    btw, lovely manicure

  5. Wow really interesting french. I'll definitely try this! And I'm postponing everything to the last minute. And every time I promise myself I'll never do that again, but nothing changes actually so I now what you are talking about :)

  6. Sometimes simple things are just the best, I really like this manicure, congrats to you!! :)

  7. I'm the same.... but at the end everything goes according to plan!
    Good luck on your essay

    Love the mani by the way


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