November Debut

This mani is practically an exact duplicate of one I did a few months back just with different colours and a matte top coat.
I would have done something totally kick ass and original for my November debut mani, especially considering I haven’t posted for a week now. But since I thought my camera was broken I obviously wasn’t expecting to be able to post one but what the heck, here it is.
Check out my index finger! It’s never been so long. They’re normally so weak and I guess, because I use my index finger the most, the corners snap off every few days so normally I keep them quite short but I’ve been using OPI’s Original Nail Envy for over a week and I think my nails are stronger for it.

Plate: Bundle Monster – BM18
Base Colour: Claire’s Mood – Confident/Peaceful
Stamp Colour: Stargazer – White
NYC Glossies 243B for the line
Top Coat of Essie Matte About You