Wednesday, 27 October 2010

No7 Poolside Blue

I always find No7 polishes a bit frustrating. They have some great colours but I hate the tall bottles and the brushes. It's impossible to keep the rim of the bottle clean and the brushes don't spread over the nail as you swipe so you have to swipe at least 3 times to cover the nail.
But, as I said, the colours are amazing and this one's no exception. It's the boldest blue I own and I love it.



  1. This is SO pretty :) I would never even think of buying a no7 polish but I will deffo check them about after seeing this! xo

  2. You have the best selection of Blue polishes. This is such an awesome shade.

  3. That's such an intense blue! I love it.

  4. Unique and gorgeous color, looks great on you!

  5. Thanks Marina - They're quite expensive so I only ever buy them with the £5 off voucher but I love the colours!

    Thanks Cristina - Blue is my favourite nail polish colour :D

    Thanks Danielle!

    Thank you, Arie!


  6. I was going to buy this today as I had my Boots No7 voucher but remembered I have an Asos Ciate polish which is very similar. Lovely colour though! )

  7. i have the exact same problem with the lid! i thought i was doing something wrong but everytime i open it the top is all crusty, yuck x


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