Barry M Instant Nail Effects Swatch

When I was out shopping today, I remembered that someone had mentioned in my previous post about this new polish that they tried it on in the store. So instead of buying it, I sneakily painted on a layer while in Superdrug. I was wearing BYS Matte Grey at the time, which I realise isn’t the best colour to demonstrate a cracking black polish but it was very spur of the moment.
I have only ever tried one other crackling polish from BYS which is no where near as good as this. This one cracks within seconds of touching the nail and continues for a little while so you can actually watch it cracking which is great fun.
You can see that it hasn’t cracked as much on my pinky, but I think that’s because I painted a thinner coat.
I wouldn’t buy this polish myself, although I could be tempted if they were to release other colours, but it is a great effect polish that makes it so easy to get a different look especially if you don’t have much time to spend on your nails.