Tutorial: Sequin Tips

I had a few requests for a tutorial on the Sequin Tip nails I did for PHD’s Just Tips Challenge.
Sorry about the abysmal lighting in the photos. I was waiting for a sunny day, but it never came.
Prepare everything you will need. I used:
E.L.F. Nude as a base just to get an even colour. You can go with a simple base or jazz it up with some colour.
A top coat. I used Miss Sporty.
A Nail Stick
Paint on your base colour and let it dry.
You need to ‘Blob’ a small amount of the top coat on to the tip of your nail in the corner.
Put some base coat on a piece of paper to dip the end of the nail stick in to get it sticky.
Pick up a sequin.
Try to get it in the right position first time.
If you miss, don’t worry, you can move it around or take it off and reposition it.
Repeat steps 3-5 working from one side of the nail to the other.
Once the sequins are in place and the clear varnish holding them on is dry enough to keep them in position, apply a thick top coat, ensuring you cover all the sequins.
If you are careful I expect they could last a few days, it just depends how long you can endure the constant catching and snagging! I only lasted a few hours!

If you like this tutorial and do them yourself, please leave me a link. I’d love to see your take!